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    Self employed.


  • 2015--2015

    National leader of Audit for the Virtual Learning Process

    National leader of audit for the Virtual Learning Process at SENA (The National Service of Learning (SENA) is a Colombian public institution focused in the development of programs of professional formation). Making the planning process, management and work monitoring plans for achieving results. Supporting the acquisition of new technological infrastructure to potentiate the operation.

  • 2010--2014

    Job Skills Evaluator - Information Technology, manager in creation of virtual objects repositories , business trainer, technical expert.

    In this period I played different roles: Former of I.T. Job Skills Evaluator at National level. Developer of items for certification competencies Test. Curriculum designer to internal level at SENA and external level at QUALIFICAR. Analyst, developer and project manager for virtual learning objects repository at SENA. I worked as a technical expert of the technology sector roundtable, developing assessment tools of 16 occupational skills standards in the areas of databases, multimedia and web design, to certificate work competencies in this fields.

  • 2006--2008

    Instructional Designer, On-Line and on-site tutor

    Instructional Design, thematic expert of virtual course in database design for financial services centre-Bogotá, within the information systems program. On- Line and on site tutor in the IT area.

  • 2005--2007

    Engineer - LMS Administrator

    LMS Manager (Learning Management System) -BlackBoard Academic Suite. Support Integrator of Virtual SENA - Capital regional district, within the set of functions, support eight (8) SENA trainers centers in Bogota in all processes derived from training in virtual learning environments (technical and administrative).

  • 2004--2005

    Medilink DBA (DataBase Administrator).

    Consulting and computer consultant as support in achieving the objectives at the medium and long term Business Medilink LTDA during 2005, administration, mining and DataWarehousing of pharmacological databases that provide information for decision-making to customers in the pharmaceutical area such as Eli Lilly Interamerica, AstraZeneca, Procaps.

  • 2001--2003

    Simedia - Analyst and programmer

    Analyst Engineer, Information systems and computer training projects developer through simulation processes in several tools. I have participated in the development of training projects using information systems , heuristic learning systems; games, tutorials systems for companies such as Exxon Mobil, Caterpillar, Bristol Myers Squibb, Pfizer and others.


Then I relate the services that I offer as support and / or solution to your requirements.

  • Gamification

    Game development in processes aimed at customer loyalty (patients in health sector), promoting employees, or entertainment offer meaningful for achieving its objectives.

  • 3D Simulations

    Generation of virtual interactive humans based on reality, ideal for Marketing, Education, Training and video games.

    Aided Design Computer Prototypes with realistic or hyperrealistic display.

  • Counseling and development of virtual learning objects and On-Line courses.

    - Strategic and technical consultancy for the development and implementation of virtual courses.

    - Design and development of virtual courses (Using SCORM, AICC and Tin Can standards) and virtual learning objects.

    - Consulting and development banks around the theme of learning objects.

    - Curricular design.

  • Multimedia development

    - Creating Web pages for personal or business projects.

    - 2D and 3D game development.

    - Implementing Impact presentations.

    - Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

  • Advisory in assembly of Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle among others

    - Mounting of free distribution Platforms in production and test systems to locally level and the Internet..

    - Basic and intermediate training for managers .

    - Training for teachers and creators of titles in platform.

Some of my works

Below you cand find some of my works. Thank you and Enjoy them.


DRAGON - 3D character - hyper realistic image

the image is the result of an hyper realistic rendering.


  • Role:3d Modeling, texturing, rigging, animation. Adapted for Unity and Unreal.
  • Client:Public.
  • Year:2016

Si desea comprarlo para sus proyectos 3D, contácteme. Listo para trabajar en Unity y Unreal Engine.


AQUANOX - 3D Character

AQUANOX has been created as a result for my passion of Sumerian and arcadian literature.

AQUANOX - 3D Character

  • Role:3d modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, available for Unity and Unreal.
  • Client:Public
  • Year:2016

If you want to buy it ,contact me. Available for Unity and Unreal Engine.


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